Black Wax launches new record label with CHINESE JUNK!

They are the punk rock equivalent of junk food. Cheap and nasty and so damn great. They’re bad for you, addictive as hell and as repetitive as acid reflux. They don’t write songs about pretty things, they write about shitty things. Mostly under two minute shitty ditties about crappy jobs, discount stores, living in a dead end town, bargain bins and human trash. 

Ladies and genitals, I present you with your new heroes of low budget rock ‘n’ roll, the new purveyors of power flop and the “Kings of Pound Shop Rock”… CHINESE JUNK!

Formed in the suburbs of London loosely in 2019 and properly in 2020 (the year the world went to shit), CHINESE JUNK features members of the Griswalds, The Ulcers and The Unreleasables. 

I wanted to write and record songs and basically have another musical adventure but without spending any money, or at least very little, doing it. All the songs were recorded in one short session in a practice room on an 8 track recorder and mixed and mastered by our friend for beer and pizza.

Ben Nuthink
Steve Legend – Guitarin’ and screamin’, Ben Nothing – Bassin’ and yellin’, Daz Reject – Drummin’ and yelpin’

CHINESE JUNK – Permanent Reduction EP
Black Wax Noise Division (UK)
Catalogue Number PLOB001

150 on black wax with picture sleeve and insert
100 on coloured wax in company sleeve

Available for pre order from 4th December 2020

Provisional release March 2021

Youtube video for embedding in blog sites
CHINESE JUNK – Cheaper Than You
CHINESE JUNK – Bargain Bin Girl
CHINESE JUNK – Best Before Date
CHINESE JUNK – Saturday Job

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