Black Wax Live! Show 20

It seemed quite fitting that this milestone show should be a Black Wax Live session. Since launching the show I’ve always been thinking of ways of keeping it interesting for myself whilst making shows that people are going to enjoy listening to and being part of. This show ticked all the boxes. You get great music choices and a brilliant live performance from an ever charismatic Attila The Stockbroker. Punk poetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but listen in and I’m sure you’ll hear something you can at least agree with, and hopefully enjoy. It’s different, but different is good.


Track List –

  • 1 Keep On Keeping On by The Redskins
  • 2 Heavy Lounge #1 by Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind
  • 3 TV Eye by The Stooges
  • 4 Mambo Sun* by T Rex
  • 5 My Death* by Newtown Neurotics
  • 6 Heartbreak Hotel* by John Cale
  • 7 There There My Dear* by Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  • 8 Live In Session by Attila  The Stockbroker
  • 9 Walls Come Tumbling Down by The Style Council
  • 10 Turning Up The Heat by Any Trouble
  • 11 Clampdown by The Clash
  • 12 Bully For You by Tom Robinson Band
  • 13 Sitting On A Fence by The Housemartins
  • 14 Far Far Away by Slade

Photos by Andy Lee


Author: blackwax

Former venue boss and current touring bass player, trying the venue thing again with a bit of radio and gig DJing to drown out my headache.

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