Black Wax Live! Show 16

What a show! It has been an absolute honour to host the king of power pop – Paul Collins!

Black Wax wouldn’t be Black Wax without something going wrong, but luckily it was with me in the studio. Listen to the show and all will be clear.

As for the live set, it was perfection! The reason for the delay with getting the show uploaded is that I wanted to do the performance justice so Sam the sound man took the audio away to mix it properly, and it sounds great!

We also had brand new songs from Radiohearts and Duncan Reid & The Big Heads, as well as some classic power pop. Enjoy!

Track List –

  • 1 Alright by Radiohearts
  • 2 C’mon Josephine by Duncan Reid & The Big Heads
  • 3 I Don’t Remember by Cyanide Pills
  • 4 This Situation by Lucy & The Rats
  • 5 Rock City Limit by The Breakdowns
  • 6 Starry Eyes by The Records
  • 7 It Gets Me by The Rezillos
  • 8 Modern Kicks by The Exploding Hearts
  • 9 Local Girls by Graham Parker & The Rumour
  • 10 Summer Fun by The Barracudas
  • 11 Live In Session by Paul Collins
  • 12 New Race by Radio Birdman
  • 13 Crazy by Johnny Madcap & The Distractions
  • 14 School Days by The Runaways
  • 15 You Might Think by The Cars
  • 16 Situations by Slaughter & The Dogs
  • 17 Drummer Man by Tonight
  • 18 Offshore Banking Business by The Members

Photos by Andy Lee –

Author: blackwax

Former venue boss and current touring bass player, trying the venue thing again with a bit of radio and gig DJing to drown out my headache.

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