Newtown Neurotics

Our last Black Wax gig seems like a long time ago but that’s because so much has happened since. A warm up show for Rebellion Festival featuring the Newtown Neurotics, UnPunk’t and Cherry & Peesh, complimented by DJ Eddie O’Toole, and it couldn’t have been any warmer!

After an eventful journey down from up North, Peesh barely had time to enjoy the Harlow sunshine before joining poet Cheery and hitting the stage. This gave an extra edge to their performance, the kind of kick you get from no soundcheck, no time to worry, just getting up and getting on with it.

UnPunk’t made their live debut. The project from Nigel Clark of Dodgy, and Mark Hogan, sees them go back to the punk songs that influenced them as teenagers and rework them on acoustic guitars. A varied and unexpected set with a personal highlight being 999’s Emergency.

Newtown Neurotics kicked off their set following a trailer for the in-production documentary ‘Kick Out’ which will feature footage from the Rebellion Festival the band were warming up for. A mix of early singles, debut album and later day ‘Neurotics’ tracks ensured the audience were kept singing along from start to finish. The end of the set saw Nigel Clark join the band for Kick Out The Tories and Living With Unemployment. An encore followed, with the band making the most of the last opportunity to run songs before taking to the stage of the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool the following week.

As mentioned, DJ Eddie O’Toole made his Black Wax debut on the decks spinning the 45s, warming people up for, and keeping people dancing after the live music. His full set is here to hear again, complete with band line checks and audience cheering.

Don’t be alarmed by the lack of current Black Wax listings. A big announcement is coming soon…

Until then – Don’t Believe Everything That You Read In The Press.

Author: blackwax

Former venue boss and current touring bass player, trying the venue thing again with a bit of radio and gig DJing to drown out my headache.

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